International Citizen Days

See you in 2023!

Welcome to Greater Copenhagen – and welcome to International Citizen Days, which is part of the national month of Welcome September. 

Taking place in the heart of Copenhagen, International Citizen Days bring together public authorities, private organisations and local communities for two days of endless inspiration on housing, job and social life through a carefully curated fair together with talks, debates and activities relevant to all newcomers.

A roof over your head, a good job and a socialnetwork are prerequisites for a good start to a new life away from your familiar surroundings. But they are not always easy to come by. Where do you start your housing hunt? How do you land your first job in a new country? And what is the key to living an engaged, active social life in one of the happiest, most liveable places on Earth?

The programme is tailored specifically for internationals, providing a wealth of knowledge that will make settling in in Greater Copenhagen a smooth journey for the entire family including your accompanying partner and children. The event is always free and all you need to do is to sign up, show up and have fun.

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