24 & 25 SEPTEMBER, 2021

International Citizen Days is over!

Thank you for coming. See you next year!

Meet the organisations

More than 70 organisations participated at International Citizen Days. Meet them here.

About the event

At International Citizen Days you can meet public authorities, private organisations and local communities in the entire Greater Copenhagen region through inspiring talks, interviews and webinars on how to settle in, including finding a home, job, schooling, language classes, establishing a new network and kick-starting your social life.


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Whatever floats your boat - just vote!
Can you vote at the upcoming Municipal or Regional Elections on 16 November? Find out and learn how it works. Presented by International House.
Volunteering (2021)
How and why to volunteer as an International in Denmark. Presented by CPH Volunteers.
Taxes for expats in Denmark (2021)
What you will need to know about taxation as an International citizen in Denmark. Presented by the Danish Tax Agency.